• 1.

      Plan the steps of work and supply adequate materials and tools accordingly.

    • 2.

      The work area must remain clean at all time without things obstructing the working area and it must be well ventilated.

    • 3.

      Place warning sings and surround dangerous areas with barriers preventing the entrance.

    • 4.

      Stop all type of work with extremely bad climate conditions.

    • 5.

      All holes must be protected by a fence.

    • 6.

      Everything has to be singposted

    • 7.

      Every worker has to know the safety rules and wear his safety equipment at all time.

    • 8.

      Equipments operators have to be trained according to the safety regulations.

    • 9.

      The strength of a plate, in terms of ultimate load, P (KN), can be calculated using the equation below (UNE-EN 1341):

      RtfW t2/P = 1500L x 1.6

      RtfW is bending strength (MPa) / W is the width of the plate (mm) t is the plate thickness (mm) / L is the length of the plate (mm)

Individual Protection Equipment




Reflective vest

Work helmet

Work boots