In the Nordic countries is important to choose a stone that is resistant/strong to survive the snowplows.

Check that the area is free of rubble.

Good alignment defines the perfect execution of the kerb, that's why when it is placed, it is convenient to check it.

Do not work with compacting machines next to the kerbs until 24 hours after the placement.

It is impossible to apply water-repellent when the floor is completely dried. It is strongly advised to test any product on a sample before using it.

Natural stone materials can be cleaned with a mopping cloth and water. Some specific soap can be used or Marseille soap: 30 g of soap for 10 L of water.

Never use aggressive products like bleach, detergents, solvents or abrasive sponges.

Correct chosen floor made of natural stone has a very long life, but this requires a correct placing method.